Apple in the news

Quite a lot of Apple news in the media today.

  • Apple has released a brand new version of their Safari browser, and it only took 2 hours for someone to hack an exploit out for it. There are some good reviews around as to what makes the software so compelling, but you might want to wait for the next version before you give it a try.
  • Apple is opening up the iPhone API for 3rd party developers to write applications for it. This is an excellent move by Apple as it will help adoption of the new platform and quickly help iPhone sales reach critical mass. Closed platforms are very much a thing of the past, and many companies can leverage these APIs in different ways. It’s one thing that makes FaceBook so great.
  • Seems like there are few iPhones being given to reviewers to write up and start to spread the buzz. Will be interesting to watch if the technology is all it’s cracked out to be, and if the iPhone really takes things to a brand new level.

Need to check when the European version of the iPhone will be out …


  1. Unfortunately the iPhone’s “API” is a bit of a misnomer: basically they’re saying you can run web apps on it through Safari, which was already pretty obvious and a massive disappointment. After Apple announced that the iPhone would run OS X every Mac developer out there got excited at the possibilities, but instead of a proper API and supporting framework they went and announced this. Not happy! See Gruber’s take on the WWDC keynote here, he captures the consensus pretty well:

  2. @Steph: Thanks for your comment.

    You’re right. It did strike me as being a bit strange when the press release talked about “Web 2.0” applications and my through were, “maybe the whole UI is one big web app”. I should have spent more time digging a bit, but I’m not really a Mac man and have only seen the glossy brochure for the iPhone.

    Thanks for pointing at Gruber’s article. When seen in that light, the press release does sound really condescending and I’m sure Apple can expect a massive backlash from the announcement.

    btw, it’s nice to meet another blogger in the Isle of Man. Adding you to my blogroll 😉

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