Segmentation gives you the best deal

Remember the days when everyone got the same deal at the bank? Remember when websites looked the same to everyone? Well, the more time goes by, the more personalisation and segmentation kick into play and we all start getting different deals, different conditions and different offers. Retailers and marketers get a good deal because they can focus on a narrow segment and maximise their impact and profit. However the great thing is that consumers get a good deal too, as their needs are more closely met and services get tailored specifically for them.

Take credit cards for example. Gone are the days where you bank gave you a card as part of their service and that was the only option open to you. Instead there are a myriad of credit cards around, offering all sorts of incentives like lower interest rates, loyalty points, cashback and a host of other features. Luckily there are websites like CreditCardApplications around that can help you navigate through all these and pick out the best deal that is tailored to what you like and what you don’t. Instead of having to check out each of the credit card suppliers one by one, CreditCardApplications walks you through a series of options (well 2 steps really) to cut out the card providers who don’t match your requirements, then shows you a tabulated list of results with the pertinent features of each one so you can make your selection. It works well and delivers exactly what it promises.

One thing is certain, the days of mass marketing are well and truly over. The trick nowadays is to pinpoint a segment that you can focus on and devout your time and effort to finding out exactly what that niche is after. The secret is finding a niche small enough to become an expert in, yet large enough to make it financially viable.

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