iPhonomics is an interesting term I came across this morning, and seems to have been coined by Steve Gillmor. Here’s he’s take in a nutshell:

In a world post-iPhone where everything changes, battery life becomes the arbiter of usage. iPhonomics becomes the process of reducing battery usage to acceptable fill-ups at power oases throughout the daily lifecycle of the device.

I can’t wait for the iPhone to be released. Yes, the technology is cool, but I think there’s more to it than that.? Before Apple released the iPod, MP3 players were mostly used by geeks, teenagers? and music fans. Now, thanks to iPod’s market penetration, they are just about everywhere. The iPhone will make unified devices much more pervasive and will have a massive impact on the way we organise our information .. and out life.

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  1. I know what you mean about the iPod changing things, I think that the iPhone will also get to revolutionary mass market appeal.

    Also wanted to let you know about a little contest I am running this month and invite you to participate if you would like. Link is attached to my name on this comment.

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