Property Ladder

I’ve been watching Property Ladder recently on TV. I hadn’t watched it much in the past, but since we cancelled out Sky Subscription, I’ve become a lot less choosy about what I watch. Basically we’re trying to watch less television and one way to do this is to limit the choice available. Even without a subscription though, there’s quite a few things to watch. Anyway, it’s on Channel 4 and there’s more than one property show there. I’m talking about the one with Sarah Beeny (who I have just found out has her own blog too)

While digging around about her I came across a property blog that actually has an entire section dedicated to Sarah Beeny. There are numerous articles about her, ranging from trivia and facts, all the way to critique of the show. It’s quite interesting how people will fixate on a particular person and find out everything about them. And in today’s information age, it’s not really hard to find out certain pieces of information.

Here are some things I didn’t know that I learnt from the website:

  • She was born the same year as me – 9th January 1972 to be exact
  • She is married, has two kids and has had one miscarriage
  • Besides being involved in property, she has recently launched an Internet dating agency
  • She grew up wanting a breast reduction

It’s quite frightening when you think about how much information about her can be found online. Especially when you consider that certain facts like date of birth are used by banks and other institutions as security questions!

Anyway, back to Sarah Beeny, the website also has a section on photos of her, a number of tips she has given and a whole wealth of other facts and articles. If you want to learn more about her, then just check it out


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