Looking for a registry cleaner

I’ve had a couple of crashes on Vista in the last few days which is quite distressing. I know it’s usually caused by driver incompatibilities, but I wanted to make sure it’s not some corruption in the registry. Now, Micro$oft used to produce a registry cleaner called RegClean, but they discontinued this a few years ago, so I set about looking for an alternative I could run on my system.

One of the packages I came across is called the jv16 Powertools which contain a Windows Registry Cleaner as part of the suite. It looks pretty comprehensive as it contains a number of optimisation tools as well as a registry cleaner. Just to mention some, there’s a Disk Wiper, a Cookie Manager, a Registry Monitor and much much more.

It retails for under $30 for the home edition, but RegClean was free, so for now, I’ll just keep hunting for an alternative. Anyone know of any free ones out there ?


  1. I’ll second the easycleaner recommendation.

    I’ve used it on hundreds of computers over the past nine years or so (some desktop support experience in that time), and it’s never caused a problem. And it can do a nice job of speeding up a sluggish computer.

  2. I haven’t tried Vista yet, but in my case the best registry cleaner is manually removing those unnecessary files using the regedit command 🙂 I’ll try that macecraft tho.

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