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I’ve been looking at reasons why my blog has dropped from a PR5 to a PR4 and one of the reasons I’m suspecting is the number of broken/spammy links that my old blog had. I was running dasBlog back then and had a serious amount of trackback spam. I’ve been ignoring it since I switched to WordPress, and the pages just got spammier and spammier. For example, this page on BizTalk 2006 had around 300 links to poker and pharmaceutical websites. So I’ve gone in and modified the template not to show the trackbacks. Hopefully this will make Google think more highly of my blog.


  1. How does Google know whether the links in your trackback are legit? There are many huge blogrolls out there and I’ve heard some people worry about that, is it possible to get into trouble simply because you have too many links on your site?

    Sorry to hear about that change. I don’t mean to pry but does that change in PR really affect you? For example will you place lower on search results?

  2. Yours dropped too, eh! Mine is now PR3… I’m still trying to figure out why. I’m not aware of things dragging me down, but most likely, it’s because I moved my blog to another domain, and lost a lot of backlinks….!

    I guess.


  3. Mine dropped too :(. It’s weird coz when I wasn’t doing anything to up my PR, it jumped to 4. When I started doing something about it, it dropped to 3.

  4. Mine dropped to 3 from 4. I don’t know why either but after I installed “Do Follow”plugin it went backed up to 4.

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