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I always wondered, do paramedics wear nursing uniforms? I guess they must wear something to make them stand out, but I’ve never needed that sort of assistance, so I don’t really know. I’ve been catching up on Grey’s Anatomy recently and that’s where that question came from.

Speaking about paramedics, I just love Tom Renold’s blog: Random Acts of Reality. It’s full of great anecdotes and is written with an excellent blend of compassion and humour. If you want to read something different, check it out.


  1. I have a friend who is a paramedics, I think the uniform he wore is slightly different than nursing uniform but very close. Unfortunately I don’t know the subtle difference of it.

    I enjoy Grey’s Anatomy, it’s another wonderful show that I have heard about for so long but just start to follow it recently 🙂

  2. I know this is a few months down the line but paramedic/technician uniforms are nothing like nurses uniforms.
    We, predominatntly, wear green shirts and trousers tho’ some trusts wear white shirts.
    The trousers are like cargo trousers as they have pockets for extra bits and bobs. Fleeces and/or blouson jackets for the chillier times of year and day. White or navy t-shirts. A few have been issued navy or green polo shirts.
    And black boots ( some are still in shoes) – magnum or dr marten (i prefer the latter).
    Male and female uniforms are the same.
    Oh and not everyone who turns out in yellow banana with blue flashing lights is a paramedic. Some are technicians.

    Hope that helps paint a picture for you.
    And, you’re right. Tom Reynolds has a great blog site.
    Best Wishes

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