I really must study!

I realise that I was distracted when after browsing around the web I found myself look at a website dedicated to boxing equipment. I’ve never boxed before, and am not really interested, but I found myself browsing around looking at how the website was built. The problem was, I should really have been focusing on my studies.

My Strategic Planning exam is now 5 weeks away and I haven’t even finished my first reading of the book yet. I’m actually enjoying it because it brings together all the other subjects I’ve studied so far. So I really should get on and continue studying. Speaking about studying I found some excellent exam advice down on Legal Andrew’s blog.

Check them out.


  1. Yoyu must be stalking me! .. How else could you comment on my post within seconds of my posting it !!

    AND YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING .. not reading blogs

    Good luck for your upcoming exams !

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