Google Talk comes of age

Woke up this morning to find that Google have released a new version of their chat client with a number of enhancements. You can now leave voicemail for people that ends up in their gMail account, you can now transfer files (a feature that was lacking compared to other chat clients) and now also has a gadget you can add to your website to run your chat from there.

The one thing that’s really interesting about Google Talk is that a log of all your conversations is kept in your Gmail account.You can always turn off the logging:


but the interesting thing is how your Gmail account is starting to look more and more like a pervasive data store for all things. It’s almost as if Google wants you to make use of a filesystem that lives out there in GoogleLand. Interesting huh ?

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  1. That’s pretty cool. I like the whole send a voicemail to someone’s email feature.

    But logging all your conversations or wondering if the person you’re talking to is logging them is a little creepy.

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