Ohh .. Silverlight !

So, has Microsoft finally found the key to breaking up Flash’s dominance of rich web experiences? I sincerely hope so, I’m just allergic to Flash.

Anyway, I’ve come across an exciting post on Tim Sneath’s Blog announcing SilverLight, which is going to be the new name for WPF/E. It’s Microsoft’s play into the cross-browser, cross-platform, rich media platform. The great thing about Silverlight is the fact that it integrates extremely smoothly with the HTML that makes up your browser page. This means it can be indexed, manipulated and enhanced directly; whether this be by search engines, data, events or just user interaction. Doing this in Flash used to be quite tricky, so this new format does actually bring a technology advance in the game and provides a compelling reason for developers to start looking at it.

Find out more about it here

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