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PanamaThe Internet allows companies to attain global reach with minimal cost. This is one of the competitive advantages that has emerged in the last 20 years and today has become an established fact for companies in all markets. I’m sitting at my desk at the moment, but if I wanted, I could be buying property around the world, selling diamonds in Tokya or browsing apartments for rent in Panama

If you take the last example, looking for Real Estate in Panama as an example; you can see the scope of business that I can conclude on this website. I can look around different properties, look at images, plans and prices and get the names and contact details of the vendors directly. If I’m more picky, I can actually get in touch with licensed brokers on the site who will find a property to my specifications and get back to me with all the details I require.

This is just one side of the coin of course. If I had property to sell or rent, I could use the website to list my property, together with prices, photos and any other information that a potential buyer could require.

When you think about it, the amazing thing is that 20 years ago, if I really wanted to buy property in Panama, I would have had to visit the country, and appoint a local agent to do the work for me. Lots more travel, lots more calls, lots more cost. It’s great to have such a reach, isn’t it?


  1. OH MAN!! I would so want to be there. Paradise is what I love. Whenever I think of Panama, I think of the tv show “Prison Break”. LOL!…any PB fans would tell you why. lmao

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