Press Release: DVDPlay New Movies Widget

Interesting Press Release by DVDPlay who are using a competition to promote a brand-spanking new widget to try and attract new customers to their website. The incentive? Run the wiget for the next couple of months and you’re in a chance to win an Apple iPhone or a Nintendo Wii. Personally I think it clashes with my website, so I probably won’t go for it, but some of you out there may find that this is up their street.

Interested? Check out DVDPlay new DVD rental widget and add it to your site.

Here’s the press release

DVDPlay Launches Widget and Gives Away an Apple iPhone and Nintendo Wii

San Jose, CA – April 10, 2007 – What can using DVDPlay’s new widget do for you? Along with offering your readers information on weekly DVD movie releases you can score some coveted gadgets in a contest that launches today.

In exchange for a bit of real estate on your webpage or blog DVDPlay, a Silicon Valley-based movie rental kiosk company, is giving away a chance to win the highly anticipated Apple iPhone or a Nintendo Wii. Folks who would like to enter the contest must visit to add the small widget and register for the contest.

“We are always looking for new and exciting ways to raise awareness and introduce people to our service” said Jason B. Hart, online marketing manager at DVDPlay. “What better way to promote a new technology then by using another new technology to add value to the online community”.

The widget, hosted by Widgetbox, is an animated slide show of new release DVDs for the week and is automatically updated every Tuesday, when new release movies are available to the public for rent or purchase.

“The DVDPlay widget is a great addition for any movie lover’s blog, website or profile and we are delighted to provide the widget syndication, management and tracking for DVDPlay,” said Tracy Pizzo, director of business development at Widgetbox.

This real-time informational widget is easy to add, just go here ( click ‘Get Widget’, and choose where you want to put it. It is available for website, social network and blog installation or you can choose to add it to your Google, Pageflakes, or NetVibes home page.

A widget is a small piece of code provides value-added information and helps to jazz up a website, blog or other Web 2.0 community. Webmasters and bloggers use widgets to give their readers and visitors information like the weather forecast or gas prices. In this case, blog readers and website visitors can see all of the latest movie releases on DVDs.

The contest kicks off today and will run until June 11, the day the iPhone is slated to be available for purchase. The widget is available now for installing. Once the widget is up on a page, webmasters and bloggers can register for the contest at the DVDPlay website’s contest page (

About DVDPlay
DVDPlay’s ( easy to use, credit card enabled kiosks hold more than 500 DVDs, ensuring that there will be plenty of the hottest new movie releases available. Movies can be rented in less than 60 seconds. There are more than 1,000 DVDPlay kiosks located in 35 states and Canada, with approximately 3,000 expected to be deployed by the end of 2007. DVDPlay’s kiosks are networked and powered by patent-pending software that enables dynamic pricing, promotions, inventory management, advertising and movie trailer insertions as well as the capture and measurement of key business metrics. DVDPlay kiosks meet all federal and state regulations including, UL, FCC and ADA certification.

About Widgetbox
Widgetbox is the leading managed syndication network for web widgets. Widgetbox’s mission is to create a thriving web widget economy by becoming the trusted resource for creating, distributing, promoting, tracking and monetizing widgets. The Widgetbox gallery is the world’s largest marketplace for widgets and the Widgetbox Syndication Platform™ is Widgetbox’s exclusive backend infrastructure that provides the most comprehensive set of tools for the management of your web widget strategy. Widgetbox serves both the producers of widgets, including the largest, online distributors as well as individual developers, and the consumers of widgets. For more information, please see

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