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Office 2007 has some nice features, it really does. However there are some things missing (or maybe I just haven’t found where they are). One of these is the ability to edit your Outlook signature in an external editor. I was bemoaning this fact when I came across a post? on ComputerZen? that explain exactly what I was trying to do; edit my Outlook signature and insert my Feedburner Headline Animator.

Turns out that the only way you can insert this into your signature is to locate your actual signature file that lives in

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures\

Well, in my case, I found my signatures under:

C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures (that’s Vista for you)

and modify this directly with your favourite editor (Notepad2 in my case)

Thank you Scott! That’s just the information I was after.


  1. Glad you are finding solutions to your problems with Office 2007. I tried it out, and reverted back to 2003 after 3 weeks! I just couldn’t get comfortable with the new interface, and never seemed to be able to find the tool I needed quick enough.
    I can’t see Microsoft reverting back to the old system, so I suspect I shall eventually have to upgrade, especially when I will need to do technical support for it.
    Good luck ;>

  2. PLEASE tell me that gravatar is some sort of default, not my own !?!
    In case it changes by the time you read it, its a woman holding a leash with a man on it!

  3. It’s random 😉

    I was planning on associated a particular avatar to every email address used (using a hash or something similar), but haven’t got round to it yet 😉

  4. The alternative is to setup the signature in MS Word 2007 and drop them into the signature box… That worked well for me, also preserves the text formatting.

  5. I am on 2003 and the MD is on 07… after our rebrand I was lucky enough to have the studio test new company signature code on my PC.

    So my boss loved it and asked me to set it up on his – absolutely nothing works, the 07 signature editor strips out all the formatting whatever you do!

    Never thought I’d say I miss the ability to “Use Word as your HTML/Rich text email editor”.

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