Star Trek Observations

  • No one ever needs to use the toilet
  • No matter how advanced their computers are in the future the holo decks safety will always fail taking the crew on some new wacky adventure.
  • They are so advanced in the future that you can actually hear sound in space when shooting a photon torpedo at a ship.
  • On all federation ships the phaser banks are connected directly to the main computer system to enable the ship you are shooting at to send a “hacking tachion pulse” back up the phaser beam to take all the data from your databanks.
  • When a ship is attacked all control panels will explode killing all ensigns no one has seen before who are dressed in red.
  • Scotty always has something to complain about
  • No one ever gets one of the crew on their communicators when their busy taking a slash. “Oh hang on a moment bridge I’m a bit busy at the moment”
  • Even the smallest shuttles have gravity
  • If you leave a holo deck on long enough the characters will become sentient.
  • Ships always need two helmsmen to navigate them One for left and one for right?
  • Every time a new person beams down with them to a planet they are likely to be killed.
  • Any medical condition can be cured with a “torch”
  • When ever there is a disaster on the ship with many wounded people the ships doctor McCoy will always go with the captain on an away mission.
  • On a dangerous away mission the captain will always go down leaving the crew at the mercy of the second in command in The Old Generation.
  • All Klingon ships are filled with steam
  • Anyone can go back in the future by flying around the sun
  • Why doesn’t the federation create a holographic army?
  • What will Spock do if you stamp on his foot really hard?

Thanks to Rory for his insight 😉

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