New Look on Blog For Peace

blogforpeace.JPGMy friend Neo Garfield has just finished putting the final chances on the new look/feel of his blog: Blog For Peace. My immediate impression is that the blog looks really spiffy. I like the colour selection and the way the whole thing hangs together.

There’s some touches to the site that stand out as being particulaly cool. I like the random quote that appears at the top of every page and the really cool “Share This” button which switches to a page where you can select a whole bunch of social networks you can share the link with. And the live Search is a really cool plugin too.

Good work, my friend, it’s look great. Oh .. and I love that you’ve implemented DoFollow 😉


  1. Ohmigosh, you didnt have to post it on your blog Owen! THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

    You’ve got yourself a post on BFP 😛

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