Business Blogging – a Legal perspective

I’ve found an interesting post on that talks about the Dos and Don’ts of corporate Blogging. These are expressed from a legal perspective and make reference to the multitude of regulations that corporate communications are subject to. In no particular order, the article mentions comsumer protection legislation, document retention obligations, intellectual property laws and security laws; and encourages the creation of corporate blogging policies within the company and disclosure and privacy policies on the relevant blogs. The post is set within the context of an American organisation, but most of the pointers will apply to any company anywhere in the world.

The authors sum it all up with a salient conclusion:

The key to sticking with the “Do’s” is remembering that corporate blogging is like any other business communication that represents the company: Honesty and common sense go a long way to keeping the company (and its blog) on the right side of the law.

Check it out. Makes great reading


  1. John McCain’s staff should have read this. Not sure if you heard about his staff’s big hotlinking mistake.

  2. Sometimes is really funny how you can find information in corporate blogs that should be confidential. I guess some companies do not take the time to educate their people.

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