K2 BlackPearl Beta 1 TR2

If you’re working in the BPM space, you probably would have heard the noise that SourceCode Technology Holdings is making about their next release of K2.Net codenamed BlackPearl. K2 was firmly placed into in the workflow market, but BlackPearl is their play to place themselves firmly in the BPM space. There’s a great write-up on the state of the new release on Sylvain Duford’s blog. Check it out


  1. By building on WF K2 has frankly crippled their entree into the world of real BPM and the analysts will likely see it that way too. Take a look at Bluespring Software and their BPM Suite 4.5 (and watch out for BPM Suite 5.0). K2 by Q3/2007 will be behind the 8 ball again.

  2. Can’t say I’ve ever tried Bluespring Software, but will keep an eye out for any news around it in the future. Is there a trial version available for download ?

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