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I was originally exposed to Forex trading when I was developing software for Trust Fund companies around 8-9 years ago. My business acumen was a bit more limited back then, so I was really coding to spec without really know what a Swap was, why people went Long or Short or why anyone would ever want to use something called a “Lookback, fixed strike Option”.

Today my understanding of these things is a bit more advanced, mainly thanks to the Finance course of my MBA. Still, without real experience in the field, I would never hazard to give the Forex markets a shot. There’s lots of great information on the Web though, for anyone who’s interesting and one good place I came across was this particular trade forex blog that is dedicated to Forex Trading and all related subjects. It has an associated Forex Trader Community which sounded interesting but wasn’t available when I tried accessing it.

The blog is quite interesting. Besides information on Forex Trading, it also has experiences of the author with respect to his Forex Trading deals, his wins and lessons learnt when things didn’t go so well. If you’re interested in learning more about the subject, check it out

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  1. I lean toward utilizing automatic systems myself, but I can definitely understand the points you’re putting out here. You have more background and more accurate viewpoints than the bulk of the self-appointed gurus who are spouting off about trading on the net. Thanks for the helpful article.

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