All you ever wanted to know about freelancing .. but were afraid to ask

I cam across an excellent post this morning entitled: A comprehensive guide to starting your freelance career. It’s very well written and contains a wealth of information that one would normally have to learn the hard way. These are the subjects covered:

  • What is freelancing? Looking back on how the term came about and what it means today
  • Branding Yourself. Presenting the right image. Considerations when choosing a name, logo and website
  • Where do you find work? A quick round-up of some places and message boards to look for work
  • Quoting and Estimating. What is the process for winning the work? What you need to keep in mind while quoting and estimating
  • Rebilling other services. When and how. Interesting point about the pitfalls of doing this.
  • How much is right?? A hairy topic for new freelancers. How much should I charge? What is a fair price.
  • Invoicing. What your invoice needs to look like and things to watch out for
  • Getting Paid. Chasing payments is one of the hard parts of freelancing. Here’s what to expect
  • Recognising Trouble Clients. Read this section twice .. then read it again. There are some gems in here
  • Scoping, Delivery and Timescales. These are critical to a successful delivery
  • Service, Accessibility and Saving the Day. Key factors that help you win repeat work
  • Expansion and Becoming a Full-Fledged Business. What are the next steps? How do you grow this into a great company

If this a road you’re planning on heading down, read the post carefully. It’s applicable to anyone who wants to grow their own business and be their own boss.

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