Personalisation: The key to customer delight

It’s been a few years since I proposed to my wife, but I still remember it quite clearly. I had been doing some work at a client in Bermuda and chanced upon a diamond store. I was mooching through the rings until I saw a ring that looked perfect, I knew she would love it. So I stumped up the cash and surprised her with it when I got back home. She was quite speechless! Anyway, the rest is history …

Looking for an engagement ring can be quite a daunting task. There are many on the market, yet due to the constraints of one’s taste and budget, finding a perfect one can be close to impossible. However, in today’s market, you can go to a jeweller and specify exactly what you would like it to look like. You can also pop onto a website, and specify exactly what Engagement Ring you would like. Check out the online ring designer at Diamonds USA for example.

All this goes to show how the age of mass marketing the same product to thousands of people is now over. Long live personalisation!

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  1. I saw this post but didn’t take it ‘cos I never got engaged. It is straight lived-in and married. LOL. Nice post here.

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