FON raises $13 million

Good news for all the Fonero’s out there. FON has raised $13 million in another round of funding. They plan to use the money for R&D and to grow their network. I’ve missed the last couple of rounds of free routers they’ve given out, but I’ll be keeping a close watch on their blog, maybe I can get pick one up to play with.

FON have a great concept. They aim is to build the biggest WiFi network in the world by recruiting people all over the globe and getting them to share some of their bandwidth. In return they are promise free WiFi wherver they find a FON hotspot. With thousands of hotspots all around the world, there’s bound to be some milage in it. Check it out


  1. Wow, how long can they go by giving away these routers thought? I’m still trying to figure out how this is profitable.

  2. I blogged about Fon before. Then, they were offering free routers to Manhattan residents but I’m not from there :(. So I didn’t join. I don’t take my laptop with me most of the time anyway and there are so few people in my neighborhood that I’d probably just get one user to use my wifi in a year.

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