Dell Coupon Codes

Dell have a pretty interesting marketing model. Instead of working through a retail network, they chose to sell directly to their customers thereby maximising their profits and their customers’ savings.

When adopting this model, the biggest question is how to get the word out about your great deals. Well, Dell advertise heavily on TV and in magazines to get their message out. However they also use viral techniques in the form of dell coupon codes. These coupon codes promise the user a great saving and therefore draw them indirectly to the Dell website. Cost savings can be quite substantial, looking at this Dell Inspiron 640m, one can currently get a $344 discount on a laptop retailing for around $1100.

As a consumer, the moral of the story is to browse around the Internet and see what offers are available, before rushing out to buy anything!

Note: The links above are taken from which is particularly useful as it walks you through the shopping process and which options to buy to get the best machine for your money. It’s almost as if you have a personal shopping assistant helping you out.

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  1. I was gonna buy a desktop tomorrow after my hard disk failed for something called a SMART error. Thanks for the tip.

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