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I came across a good article today called: Blog Optimisation for Profit. In it the author talks about the process of optimising your blog to be more available to search engines, not only for the profit element, but also because it’s no fun when no one reads what you’re written. Worth a read.

The website that came from is quite varied by tends to focus mainly on website reviews and tips and tricks for maximising the use of your blog or website. Another article: SEO: Don’t get blacklisted talks about some important things you need to be aware of to make sure you don’t get dropped by search engines. If you’re into building and optimising websites .. check it out

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  1. There’s a reason “SEO” is one of the most searched keywords, everybody is trying to drive more traffic to their site.

    An easy but sometimes overlooked way to increase traffic is by doing exactly what you are doing here … providing good information for your readers. I was using the Google Blog Search and this article caught my eye. If you provide good information on your website people will be attracted to it.

    There are several good books and sites on SEO. SEOBook, Webmasterworld, Sitepoint, etc. These resources contain just about everything a beginning or expert webmaster would want to know about SEO. From using Adwords ( to participating in large-scale advertising networks ( these resources cover them all.

    Nice job.

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