Back from Joanne’s Wedding

We had a wedding last week and had to go back to the UK for it. It was great to catch up with old friends and see Joanne all dressed up in her wedding dress. She had two bridesmaids with her and they were just lovely.

Speaking about bridesmaids, I found an online store for kids wedding clothes. They do bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos for boys and wedding accessories of all kids (all in child size). The website is called and if you’re looking for something to dress the kids on that special day, it’s worth checking it out.

The website is very well done. It’s using Yahoo stores as an e-commece engine and taps into all the merchandising and checkout facilities that this offers. The checkout only has fast delivery choices showing their emphasis on a speedy delivery.

If you decide to buy something, they have a coupon for 10% off till the end of February: BlogPPP27

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