Pulling traffic to your blog

I came across a good post today on NorthxEast – Net Business Blog called: 7 Novel Ways to get Traffic to your Blog. Here’s what the author suggests are good ideas:

  • Buy traffic from StumbleUpon
  • Get Design Blogged
  • Press Releases and Announcements
  • Get Blogged or Reviewed
  • Produce a clever free service and get it noticed
  • Run a competition
  • Make it worthwhile for people to refer you

There’s some good meat there, so you might want to pop down and have a read.

While I was there, I had a gander through the other posts there are on he blog. It’s still relatively new, but I like the way it is shaping up. The posts are informative, a good mix of online marketing, design and technology, quite essential for a webmaster today. Do as I did, subscribe!

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