HP Puzzle hoting up

Well, I now have 43 pieces of the HP Camera puzzle. Here’s the last one out:

This is one of 48 pieces that PayPerPost has spread around the web. You know the drill, the first person to collect all 48 pieces, put them together and let PPP know could win $1000. HP is sponsoring the puzzle and this post. I may have said this before.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t done that much Digital Photo Printing. I have an inkjet at home which can print some decent colour images, but it’s not really as good as a dedicated photo printer. Might get myself one of those some time. Since Arthur came along we’ve been taking tons of photos and it’s really nice to print some out to give to family and friend.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with the competition. But remember, if you’re not signed up with PayPerPost you can’t win. The nice thing about PayPerPost is that they actually pay you to post things to your blog, so if you’re looking to monitise you’re blog, sign up here:

This post brought to you by HP

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