Rise of the Social Networks

Social networks are a new breed of website that are rising all over the Internet. The main ones I partake in are MySpace, Hi5 and SpicyPage and that’s just listing the ones I take more than a casual interest in. I must be registered with around 10-12 networks in total, too many to pay real attention to.

So, what’s attraction of social networks. Well, it’s mainly a way to link up with people and gain respect of your peers. It’s also about gaining a sense of belong, about being part of something bigger. But there are also other benefits. You can make new friends, read up on people’s blogs, messages and favourite things to do and even learn to play Chess or Poker.

You can see the rise in popularity as more and more people sign up, and as the big players start developing or buying up their own social network. Google’s purchase of YouTube is one case in point; where an existing network was brought up for a phenomenal sum by one of the industry’s leading players. Microsoft is also trying to make inroads with Windows Live Spaces. How the future will pan out, only time will tell!

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