PayPerPost ROCKS!

swag.jpg Wow, wow, wow! I came back from work today and found a parcel waiting for me. I opened it up and it was full of PayPerPost swag! I knew they were sending this out to a few of their Posties, but I never expected that I would make the list.

So, what’s in the box? There’s a giant pen (13″ in size), some mighty mints, a PayPerPost T-Shirt, a foam finger and a bunch of coupons for a couple of their clients. This was just excellent, I really wasn’t expecting this. I really, really wanted the giant pen, but the postage to the UK was too much to just buy a pen and nothing else. Now PayPerPost has solved my dilemma and just sent me one! Woohooo!

I’m simply so thrilled to have received this stuff. Thank you guys! PayPerPost ROCKS!


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