Data Recovery

You have a whole collection of photos on your hard disk, your pride and joy! You have photos of friends, family, holidays, work mates, your whole life. Then one day you come home to download a new batch of photos .. and your computer won’t boot. Your computer is fine, but the hard disk is friend and you can’t get anything off it.

Horror story? Maybe, but not as impossible to happen as you think. Hard disks are mechanical devices and like all mechanical devices have a mean-time between failure (MTBF). This is usually quite large, but the bottom line is, they can fail and .. well, it’s just a matter of time. The moral of the story is .. always take backups, but if push comes to shove, luckily there’s data recovery software available that can help. This page has a lot more information, as well as a number of links to free software that can help you if you’re stuck up a creek without a paddle.

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