Here’s an interesting idea: RCalls are a company that are offering free VOIP calls to their users based on them viewing Advertising ads in the calling software while they are on the phone. The Rcalls Opportunity is simple. It’s a standard SIP client which has a view panel that displays advertising while the user is using the software. Granted, the user doesn’t have to look at their screen while calling, but when you’re on the phone, your eyes tend to wander and most of the time you’ll focus on something that is changing. And bingo .. the advertisement gets imprinted in your memory ..

RCalls also allows advertisers to “brand” the player and give it away as their own. This is an interesting idea in that you can offer value to your customer while keeping them captive to your branding. Does anyone out there use any of their products?

P.S. Note, this is currently a US/Canda based operation only. Won’t work this side of the pond, but the idea would translate well to any country. Interesting business opportunity for someone this end to develop


  1. It is now active in a lot of the countries around the world….rcalls even troops in Iraq and Afghanistan can use it to call home.

  2. Rcalls VoIp Dialer is absolutely FREE and has many countries available for free worldwide calling directly to their home, business or cell phone. Also starting is free P-2-P service.

    Enjoy your free long distance.

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