BCS Event: Virtualiation

I attended a great event yesterday organised by the Isle of Man Chapter of the BCS. The topic was Virtualisation and the speaker, Rob, Lovell, is one of the directors of SWSoft, a company with a virtualisation product called Virtuozzo. I didn’t realise till a few minutes ago that SWSoft are also the company that make the most excellent PLesk and also SiteBuilder, which I have used in the past.

Anyway, the talk was pretty good. Rather than being a sales pitch, Rob went into detail about the different types of virtualisation, the benefits and weaknesses of each approach and what the Virtualisation marketplace looks like today. Virtuozzo, the product they product actually does OS Virtualisation which is different from what VMWare and Microsoft Virtual Server does (which is really Hardware Virtualisation). You can read more about it here.

The speaker was brought over by a partner of their’s here in the Isle of Man, a hosting provider called Netcetera. Great work guys, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

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