Which movie to watch

If you’re looking for a movie to watch, a good way to gauge which the best films are is to use Box Office Figures. Firing up Google I came across this Top Box Office list that seems to indicate a good list of movies to look out for. Top film at the moment is DreamGirls, so that’s probably one to look out for.

The site I got this from is http://www.buymovies.com which seems to be an good place to get your movies. It’s a shopfront for Amazon which looks like it has had lots of work put into it. One of the best bits about the site is the ability to email the person who runs it with a question about a movie and let them do all the digging around for you to find the answer.

The website is a nice blend of services around the web. The shopping services are provided by AllPosters.com and Amazon.com, however the site offers a seemless buying experience that works well. Check it out when you have a chance

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