Sleeping at Gatwick tonight

We’re flying back home tonight and it’s going to be a bit of a tricky flight. We leave Malta at midnight, get to Gatwick around 3:00am and our flight to the IOM doesn’t leave till around 10:00am. There’s some nice reclining chairs in the BA lounge, but they close overnight and don’t open till 5:00am. Should be interesting huh?

While looking for options, I came across a website dedicated to sleeping at airports and Gatwick looks like a decent enough place to find a corner to sleep in. Amazing what you can find on the Interweb!


  1. I spent many, many hours in Gatwick during the troubles last August. In addition to the time spent on the long benches, I also had a restful night at a great B and B.

    Something that I observed at the airport was that people seemed to try and have an unreasonably large buffer zone between themselves and the next sleeping body…sometimes almost a full metre.

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