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Here’s an interesting conundrum. Look at the picture of the team on the right. The question is. If someone approached you with the opportunity to invest in this team would you go for it? The bottom line is that the team you are looking at grew to become Microsoft Corporation (the guy in the bottom left is Bill Gates) and if you have invested some money in the company back in the day when they were writing software for traffic lights, today you would be a millionaire.

There are a number ways of making money, some more plausible than others. Today I came across an opportunity to Earn Residual Income for life. I haven’t really had the opportunity to look round the site in detail, but there seems to be a lot of affiliate related information that could be useful to someone trying to make a living off the Internet.

The interesting thing is that I get a number of people asking me if it is possible to make a living by working online. Today, my mate Phil asked me the same question. He came across a website that was offering just that, however wanted a $25 fee for registration. My advice: steer clear. If someone wants money to employ you to do a job, well, there has to be something fishy going on. There’s hundreds of money making schemes out there. If something is too good to be true, it probably is!

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