Interactive Marketing

What’s the best way to generate buzz around your products and services? You can spend millions on media advertising, or you get focus directly on your target segment and let the grapevine do it’s work. Not sure what I mean? Check out the video* below:

It’s called PayPerPost Postie Patrol and has been organised by PayPerPost, a company bringing together an active blogging community in a marketplace receptive to marketeers everywhere. HP basically put together a cache of prizes, PayPerPost found a punter ready to go on a treasure hunt for it; and together they braved a -9 Chicago morning to win some prizes. The video has already been watched by around 4000 people and has doubtlessly been shared countless times around the Web. So, for a modest outlay, the advertiser has managed to reach a highly relevant target and generate priceless positive buzz around their products.

Interesting to note is that the advertising focus is not on the technical strengths and usability of their products (in a mature market, these traits are easily copies and superseded); but instead how much fun they are to use and what value they bring when you’re using them. In fact, we are not even told what model of camera is being used, instead we are exposed to what a “fun” company HP is, but providing these toys for us to play with.

This video was brought to you by HP, the home of Digital Photo Printing

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