Maximising your Web Presence

So you’ve spent some time and money putting together a website and you’re really happy
with the result. You sit back and wait for a bunch of enquiries to come in .. Nothing
.. You check your stats; your site has been live for 5 days and you’ve had two people
visit it! What are you doing wrong?

Building a website in isolation is very much like building a shack in the middle of
a forest; unless people know where to find it, nobody will come knocking at your door.
If you’re looking for some help as to how to promote your new site, I’ve found a great
post on this Internet Business Blog called Sandberg
that outlines 4 techniques to make sure people can and will make their
way to your blog.

The post is called 4
Ways to Maximise your Web Presence
and the author, Chris
goes into details about these 4 techniques:

  • Do some basic Search Engine optimisation
  • Run Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Start a Blog
  • Pay Bloggers to Review your site/product

Chris has a pretty clear and lucid writing style and his explanations should shed
light on some valuable information you can use to the promote your website’s visibility.
If you’re an Internet newbie looking to promote your website: Check
it out

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