Viva Las Vegas

Have you seen RockStartUp episode 4? It’s set in Vegas stars off with a trade show;
then proceeds to a number of drag queens and even has a wedding in it. Looks like
lots of fun!! It must be amazing to be part of something as exciting as that. Congrats
to all who feature in it, especially the bride and groom.


I’ve never been to Vegas, but apparently it’s the biggest city in Nevada, mainly known
for it’s entertainment and gambling facilities. It’s in the middle of the desert,
so temperatures of over 40 degrees are quite common place in summer, though humidity
is quite low. Tons of information over at Wikipedia.
There’s also lots of information on the Las
Vegas Tourism site
. They have a bunch of guides including
what to do for a Bachelor’s Party, a night on the town, a Vegas wedding and samples
of the Vegas Dining Scene.

If you decide to stay there’s also some amazing houses there (have a look at this Las
Vegas real estate
website). If you’re planning on heading there though, best check
out their First time buyer’s
to avoid any pitfalls. Last thing you want is a plan that falls to pieces!

So, what would you do when you visit Las Vegas. We here’s a list
of attractions
to see. There’s some amazing stuff, ranging from the Star
Trek: Borg Invasion 4D
all the way to Bodies
– the Exhibition
. Some amazing shows there, with things to see for people of all

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