is live

I just popped by and have
just found out that they have launched their website. So what is it all about? It’s
actually a business reality tv show based
around the trials and tribulations of PayPerPost,
the marketplace where advertisers and bloggers meet. It’s a great idea to generate
some buzz around what the company is doing and a great way to show the world what’s
going on.

There’s two shows up at the moment. The first one introduces PayPerPost and gives
a glimpse into the process by which they acquired their venture capital. It then moves
on to the set up of a trade show. The second show shows the gang on The Today Show
and Ad:Tech. Each show is only around 10 minutes long so they won’t take much time
to watch, but they provide valuable insight into what it is like to be running a successful
Web 2.0 company. Check it out

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