Baby Gift Baskets

I was looking for a gift online for a a 2-year old whose birthday we are invited to
next Saturday and while browsing online I came across the Baby
Gift Baskets
at Corner Stork Baby
. They have some unique baby gifts including creative baby gift baskets and
a whole range of baby boy gifts and baby boy gifts.

So I gave a hunt around the site and came up wih some viable ideas including a Tinkle,
Crinkle, Rattle & Squeak – Plush Worm
and a Patch-Eye
Puppy Hooded Luxury Towel
. Unfortunately, as they’re based in the United States
and I need the gift in a couple of days time, I’ll have to settle for something different;
but it was great to get some new ideas for things different from what you can find
in the usual shops in town.

The other thing I liked about the site is that it’s a really friendly place and even
has a whole selection of blurbs about the products they sell. For example, I found
out that the Teddy Bear is actually named after a US President. Here’s the legend

Named for President Theodore Roosevelt, the most widely-held belief
is that “Teddy,” an avid outdoorsman, was hunting with friends in Mississippi when
he was presented with a defenseless bear to shoot as a trophy. Roosevelt – already
famous for his strong belief in fair play and sportsmanlike conduct – refused to shoot
the defenseless animal. A Washington Post cartoonist drew a picture depicting the
event, and two Brooklyn, New York toymakers unveiled the first stuffed bear animals
later that week. Roosevelt gave permission for the toymakers to name the soft, fuzzy
animal with shoe button eyes after him, and the “Teddy Bear” was born.

.. the stuff you find online … >

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