Communicating the Value of IT

The Isle of Man Chapter of the BCS will be organising a talk later on this month called “Communicating the Value of IT”, presented by Sherrilynne Starkie, Managing Partner of Strive PR. Here is the snopsis of the event:

What your IT department’s reputation? Are you seen as problem solvers, as barriers to progress or do people even know you exist?

Today’s executives recognise the crucial role that IT plays in the success of any organization. But without communications planning, the IT department risks missing opportunities to inform people of their true value and may even contribute to misunderstandings and negative perceptions of the IT function.

In this interactive session, Sherrilynne Starkie of Strive Public Relations will look at how IT departments can improve relations with other departments with smart communications practices. The session will cover:

  • Where are we going wrong? Current trends in how IT communicates and how IT is perceived.
  • How can we turn it around? Ways and means of breaking down communications barriers. Simple effective steps to ensure your message is heard.
  • Top tips in communicating IT. A look at getting the foundations right, before taking your message to the people.

Should be a great event, so come join us!!

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