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It’s nice seeing more and more organisations use blogs to communicate with their audiences
around the world. One such example is the Invention
Blog from Invent-Tech
which serves as a communication channel for Invent-Tech to
keep clients abreast with company developments, trade shows, and new products and
services that they offer. Invent-Tech is a company
that specialises in services to help promote and assist inventors in bringing their
products to market.

The Invention Blog from Invent-Tech is built
on WordPress (I’ve blogged about this before), which provides a free software platform
to deploy and update your blog. Invent-Tech seem to use the blog extensively with
new posts appearing every day. The posts range from news about industry events, Invent-Tech’s
involvement in industry events and news about inventors they represent. They seem
to have a good portfolio of products across a number of industries.

So, what advantage does a blog like this bring to Invent-Tech’s clients. First of
all, they know they are dealing with a “live” organisation, which acts on their behalf
on a daily basis. News from the company is always fresh. A blog like this also brings
a sense of community into play. Clients, partners and even competitors have the freedom
to post comments to posts on the blog, which generates interactivity which was really
hard to promote through traditional means. And finally, such a blog encourages a sense
of openness and trust with the company by putting a more approachable and “human”
face to the company.

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