Search Engine Submission Service

There’s a number of Search Engine Submission sites out there, and the biggest problem
in a saturated market is finding a way to differentiate your services. I covered this
topic earlier in my blog, as how to how WiManx compete in the local market employing
a Differentiated Defender Strategy. The Search Engine Submission market is pretty
saturated, primarily because there aren’t too many barriers for new companies to enter
the arena, so the question is: how a company compete successfully in this environment?

Today I came across a Search Engine Submission company that bundles an interesting
service with it’s search engine submission process.
It does all the usual things, like helping you out with Meta Tags etc, but adds to
this a website monitoring facility. This basically works by checking your website
every 5 minutes, and if you site is down, the service will email or page you to let
you know. This is pretty cool, considering it’s offered free as part of the submission
package. They have a simple sign-up process consisting of only one form, are less
expensive than some companies out there and claim to be more honest than the competition.
Check it out!

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