Shall I get a pair of Night Vision Goggles?

I always thought that night
were really expensive gadgets that only the military could afford. Turns
out you can buy them for under ?100 which really well within most people’s budgets.
They’re great for nature lovers, exploring caves, camping and anything else you want
to do at night.

I never found out How Night
Vision Works
; till today that is. They basically consist of an infra-red light
that is used to illuminate the surrounding area which implies you can see things in
total darkness (say, in a cave). The main part of Night Vision Unit is an intensifier
tube that contains a photocathode which detects the image in front of the unit and
a phosphor screen to display it in a format the eye can see. The amount of light gain
(usually between 15,000 and 40,000 times) produced by the tube determines the brightness
and clarity of the viewed image. Basically, the more expensive the device, the more
intensification it can produce.

Unfortunately, this probably falls into the category of gadget which I don’t need
and will never use, so the answer is no, I probably won’t get a pair

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