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I’ve just updated my blogroll with my latest OPML from Sharpreader. You’ll notice a new section for Posties, who are basically people who use also PayPerPost as a source of income from their blog.

I originally looked at PayPerPost (PPP) a couple of weeks back when a mate of mine, Pete Wright, was hired
as their Director of Software Development
. Since then, I’ve been frequenting their message board and am pretty impressed by the sense of camaraderie and bonding has formed among the regulars on the board. In a way, PPP is building a community of loyal publishers out there and this will be invaluable for them in the future. I think the community is forming through a number of different factors:

  • PPP is encouraging a sense of teamwork by organising events for Posties, whether it’s the Blue Monster puzzle, or surprise visits to their publishers
  • There is sense of threat against the group by external forces who don’t believe in what PPP has set out to do. This helps the group gel together in the face of common adversity
  • PPP is not fully formed and has room to evolve. This gives the community a sense that each person is contributing to the creation of something new, where their opinion is valid and valuable and recognised as such.

I’ve found hanging around PPP fun and would recommend it to anyone, so if you’re into blogging and are happy to post the occasional paid-for entry on your blog, sign up today. Let me know if you need a referral link.

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