Microsoft Project Training

At some point in time, most people in software development find themselves having
to lead a number of developers and and generally interface with business users in
the running of a project. And when this happens, you’ll no doubt come across Microsoft
, which seems to be the tool of choice of every project manager I’ve worked

Luckily, it’s not that difficult to find training for Microsoft Project. For example,
Best Training, a London-based training group, offer management
microsoft project training
both in their London offices, or directly at a client
site. According to their website, Microsoft Project can accelerate projects in the
following 3 ways:

  • Managing Calendars – Microsoft Project can integrate with Outlook so projec
    managers can create Project Tasks that appear directly in in the team member’s calendar.
  • Programme Evaluation Review Technique – PERT charts are used to work out potential
    bottlenecks so tasks can be reassigned to ensure minimal slippage
  • Gantt Charts – Gantt charts are a type of charts that lets you map things to
    a defined timeline and show activities in relation to milestones across time.

Most people I know, use Microsoft Project exclusively for producing Gantt charts,
so I’m sure they would benefit in learning about all the other features that Microsoft
Publisher can provide. >

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