Some nice Audis

I’ve been looking at the Audi website and they have a range of new luxury cars that look just fabulous! I particularly like the R8, though it’s probably way out of my budget. There’s some footage of the launch on the website which you really should see as well as a Flash website showing all the details about the car. If you’re in the market for a nice car, you should definitely have a look. The R8 should be available mid-2007 and will be sporting a 4.2 litre V8 (420bhp) or a 5.2 litre V10 (520). There’s more information about the R8 over at Wikipedia

There’s a wealth of information about Audi on Wikipedia. For example, here are some trivia I picked up today:

  • Audi is owned by Volkswagon
  • The company dates back to 1899
  • The complete range consists of 23 consumer models, 4 racing models and 13 concept cars
  • Audi vehicles are 100% galvanised

btw, you can also get them with bullet proof glass 🙂 Check out the Specialist Section

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