Free ticket for Digital Life

Has anyone ever been to DigitalLife? It’s a massive show in New York which claims to be the ultimate consumer technology, gaming and entertainment event of the year. I’ve had a look at the website and there some movie clips of last year’s show and I must say, it looks awesome! With exhibitors like Microsoft, AMD, Maxim, Skype, NVidia, Sierra Entertainment and more, it looks like this year is going to be even more fun that the last. If you’re thinking of going, check out their’ website, there’s a cool stuff page with lots of freebies for the attendees, including free MP3 players, free routers, and loads of competitions. And here’s an even better one. How about a free ticket to the event ?

Tickets are normally $15 each, but I’ve found a coupon code which gives you a FREE ticket. For your free ticket, just go ahead to the ticketing page, buy your ticket, then use the code “INSIDER” when you get to checkout.

Shame I’m not going to be anywhere near New York at the time.

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