Scott finds Vista painful

Scott Hanselman is NOT having a good week. After installing Vista RC1 (or as he calls it Beta 4) on his home machine to put it through it’s paces and is not pleased with the result. Check out: Vista
Reliability and my Tolerance for Pain

The real question is. If Scott is having problems, what chance do us mere mortals
have? Remember, Microsoft is trying to persuade
customers to move off a well understood operating system to a shiny new product. While
it is in their interest to sell new products, the stability of existing products may
deter punters from the risk of living on the bleeding edge.

Personally, I had tried playing with Vista on Beta 3, but it proved to me an unmitigated
disaster (read: Vista hates my
). So I’ll be sitting on the sidelines with regards to this one, and watching
other people battle it out.

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