Virtual Elephants

This article was published a couple of months back, but it’s a great view of the Virtualisation market at this point in time, and the benefits that Virtualisation can bring to users and businesses. From the article:

Sometimes we don’t really see what our eyes are viewing. That’s true with
your computer screen, and it’s true in nature as well. Oh sure, we can say what we
think we’re seeing, but we’re missing the big story such as the man behind the curtain,
to recall a famous phrase from an even more beloved movie.
Every cloud is made up of moisture, of course. On a day like today, a single fluffy
cloud contains about 550 tons of water. Your average elephant weighs about six tons,
so that means that those happy spring clouds are equivalent to around 100 elephants.

Next time you look at a cloud, think about how many elephants are in it. You had no
idea that a cloud was so massive, and no idea that a creature so huge and seemingly
earth-bound can be used to understand something so apparently light and ephemeral,
did you?

And that brings us to virtualization software. You don’t necessarily see what’s really

Curious? Read about it: Virtualization
for security | The Register

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