Use your phone this Valentine Day

Ahhh . … Read this on Wired:

Walking through Tokyo’s Ginza district one Friday evening last month I saw an extraordinary
sight that will soon become an ordinary one: A businessman was talking into his keitai (the
Japanese word for cell phone), holding it out in front of him rather than to his ear.
Suddenly, smiling, he raised the device to his lips and kissed the screen.

It wasn’t hard to piece together an explanation — the man was making a video call
to his lover. His lover had asked for a screen kiss, or perhaps they’d synchronized
one. It was my first glimpse of this behavior, and it happened in Tokyo, but I knew
it wouldn’t be my last. Soon enough we will see this scene repeated in New York, London,
Paris, Berlin and San Francisco.

here: Wired News: My First Screen Kiss

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